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Health and comfort, not just another accessory
Because of a seated position, a cyclist can't use feet and lags as a natural shock absorber
A group of scientists from The University of the West of England, led by John Parkin, PhD in transport engineering and his colleague Sainte Cluque, E., began research "The impact of vibration on comfort and bodily stress while cycling"

The scientists discovered that the surface condition is the principal factor that affects the vibration value. It turned out that in almost one hour of cycling the rider is exposed to vibration comparable to that of a tractor operator during half a day of field work
Adding comfort
Our spring damps vertical and lateral impacts and vibrations and adjusts to pelvis bending during cycling. Thanks to our spring your back literally "sticks" to the seat and doesn't shift. This allows you to apply less effort when riding and avoid injuries. This shock absorber makes your cycling comfortable and keeps your body healthy

Hardness of the spring can be adjusted to your weight, riding style and terrain you cycle on

It can be Installed and adjusted in under 5 minutes. No additional tools required.
Can be mounted on 99.99% of all modern bicycles.
Risk free: 5 year warranty,
Money back guarantee within 60 days after receipt.
Rinsten Spring comes with a 5-years guarantee, so if something happens to your spring within these years, you can easily exchange it for free. We will send you a new one and pay the delivery fees.

Don't worry if you are not completely satisfied with your new Rinsten Spring or it does not fit perfectly for you. You can return it within 60 days of receiving it. All returns must be unworn and in original packaging. Refunds will be issued promptly to the original form of payment. Please note that you will have to pay the return postage to us.
Rinsten Spring
Complete set with mounting plates and safety caps

Rinsten Spring is a mechanical shock absorber with adjustable stiffness, which can be adapted both for city and all-terrain cycling. Easy to install, easy to adjust.
Color: Black. Weight: 337 grams or 0,74 lb
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5 Year warranty. 60 day back money guarantee.

Suitable for riders of all ages, from 10 to 150 kg (22 — 330 lbs)
For both, city and all-terrain bicycles

Rinsten Spring Installation&Adjustment:
LED Safety Caps
Accessories only for Rinsten Spring

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Designed for installation on Rinsten Spring instead of Safety Caps. They are ideal for lovers of minimalism, who do not like extra accessories on a bicycle. Other lights are required to be mounted on the seatpost or frame, which is not always possible technically or aesthetically. LED Safety Caps in perfect harmony with the appearance of the any bike. 2 MODES ON EACH LIGHT: You can choose your favorite mode for your riding—Steady and Blinking. Visible to motorist over 500 feet away.
Color: Black. Weight: 40 grams or 0,09 lb
For power supply 2 batteries are used, type L1131.
and supported by more than 5000 backers
For me it's personal
I got back on a bike after a 10-year break. I bought a high-end bicycle from a well-known manufacturer. It surely had an excellent sports seat. However, after long rides I started to feel uncomfortable — I felt pain in my arms and back. I've tried every existing solution on the market.
Having failed to find an optimal solution on the market, I decided to develop a seat post that would be simple and reliable, easily adjustable for any weight, any road, and bicycle and make every bike ride enjoyable. To do this, I set up a team of engineers and mechanics

We've spent 3 years on research, tests, and sample production

Project history
An idea and first 5 working prototypes after 18 attempts
It was a long way from draft sketches on paper to set of complete prototypes for endurance testing
Kickstarter campaign:
900% funded
We were lucky to gain huge support from our backers, the project was funded
Production and fixing production issues
We had a bumpy road with numerous calls and countless trips to the factories, to get reliable quality control and production set-up
The final product is available
on the market
As of January 2019, we have made our project available, with the lifetime warranty and worldwide shipping

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