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Rinsten Spring

Universal Bicycle Shock Absorber 


Rinsten Spring at work

Rinsten Spring mitigates road vibrations and shocks. Rinsten Spring is a groundbreaking system that offers unbeaten comfort and fun during cycling.


Rinsten Spring is suitable for everyone weighing up to 220 kg (485 lbs).

Rinsten Spring is suitable for all the bicycles using traditional rails saddles.

Rinsten Spring absorbs shocks in three dimensions.

This shock absorber makes your cycling comfortable and keeps your body healthy.

Our system damps vertical impacts and vibrations and adjusts to pelvis bending during cycling. Thanks to our spring your back literally "sticks" to the seat and doesn't shift. This allows you to apply less effort when riding and avoid injuries.s.

Easy installation & adjustment
You can adjust it in just 1 minute without any additional components.

Works perfectly on any road
It makes your ride comfortable on all surfaces – from tarmac to hill path, pave stone or gravel.

Great position for every type of ride!
You can easily switch between sport and city positions in just 1 minute.

Unconditional Lifetime warranty
Produced of high-quality steel and aluminum, Rinsten Spring is a maintenance free product that consists of only five parts. You will get an unconditional lifetime warranty for our shock absorber!


A group of scientists from The University of the West of England, led by John Parkin, PhD in transport engineering and his colleague Sainte Cluque, E., began research "The impact of vibration on comfort and bodily stress while cycling".
The results were presented at the 46th annual conference 'The Universities' Transport Study Group' in Dublin, Ireland on the 6-8 January in 2014.
The study was prompted when one of the authors started to ride her new bike to work along a new cycle path in London, which caused her an intense and permanent headache. She shared her problem with her colleagues, which then led to a study into how vibrations affect a rider's health.

A survey has shown that health problems during and after cycling are not uncommon. The respondents reported that the most frequent problems were pain in the arms, knees, neck and back. The main causes of this pain are supposedly the position of the rider and the condition of the road.
25% of respondents attributed their discomfort to uneven road surface, 21% believed that the cause was the incorrect position of their body during cycling and 12% blamed cold weather.

In the second part of the study the scientists measured the actual vibration data under various conditions. To take the measurements a bike had been equipped with an accelerometer.

The scientists discovered that the surface condition is the principal factor that affects the vibration value. It turned out that in almost one hour of cycling the rider is exposed to vibration comparable to that of a tractor operator during half a day of field work.

What people say

What's ingenious for such a simple design is that the Rinsten Spring provides three directions of suspension. It travels up and down plus it rocks side to side with each pedal stroke. I like that it can easily be swapped between different bikes and is designed for all types from road to mountain to city bikes and cruisers. I think this clever suspension might be the perfect upgrade for some roadies seeking more of a magic-carpet ride.

Jim Langley,

I had some skepticism about the efficiency and convenience of using a shock absorber. However, the first ride with a shock absorber "aboard" showed incredible comfort in moving through the city, with its small and large pits. In combination with a long base of tourists bikes, the effect of extinguishing road unevenness was formed. The subsequent rides only confirmed the first impression. The hard covering of the Volyn's roads is more like a pavement than asphalt, and the comfort of passing such areas was high. And the general out-of-the-way passage of the route did not bring such "severe" consequences as it was before)) The shock absorber generally does not interfere with pedaling, the effect of the "jerk" is minimal. As a result, after six days after returning home I could sit down without "oops")) Without any objections and any "but" I advise the shock absorber Rinsten!

Mr. Constantine, During Tour de Volyn

The spring responded well, absorbing the major shocks of the cobbles with ease. I was able to stay on the saddle, rest my weight in full, the spring acting as a good shock absorber. If only there was a similar this for the stem my arms wouldn't have also felt like they were being shaken out of their sockets.
This proved true for all sections of the cobbles, even the grade 5 cobbles were coped with remarkably well. I think the wider setting on the spring would actually have caused more issues, and the tighter setting allowed it to flex with each 6" cobble easily. In short, the ride was really very much improved for me by the spring, I didn't get the inevitable, very painful sit bones, and the vicar could have probably carried on for hours with little painful effect (other than perhaps on my ability to concentrate!).

David Birkinshaw, During amateur Paris Roubaix race

Rinsten Spring

Ultimate Bike Comfort